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A very warm welcome to you!

Relax, put your feet up, have a beer. Better yet, have a sherry! Whatever you're drinking (responsibly, of course), you can have a listen to some of my songs, read the lyrics, find out a bit about me and watch a few live videos. You could even buy one of my albums (or both!). Have a look around and, if you like, feel free to get in touch.

I'm a singer/songwriter and I play guitar and bass, but I've also been known to play a bit of banjo, keyboards and drums. I mostly write a mixture of folk, blues and kinda rootsy country. I've been writing and performing music since around 1978 - solo to begin with, but more recently with fantastic players like Andy Gilmour, Chuck Dearness, Rick Bamford, Rachel Walker and Dan Abrahams.

I very much hope you enjoy the music,

Martin Lennon



Released in 2017, and continuing with the 'creature' imagery, Fish is an album of songs about life, love, weirdness, death and over-sensitive cats. And fish, of course. Like the Crow album, there's plenty of metaphor and imagery to be found on songs like Fish and Roll The Bones, while Anyway and King Of The World are a little more straightforward.

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In 2010 I described the Crow album as "...songs drenched in emotion – lots of pain and misery, sure, but also joy, passion and love" and having performed them many times over, they still feel the same. Some of them, like Magpie and Crow, are full of metaphor and imagery, while songs like Butterfly Girl and Days To Come couldn't be more plain.

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