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I was born in 1960. That was 5 or 10 years too late to be able to see some of my favourite musicians perform live, but that was alright because I still had an enormous variety of music to listen to. In fact, I was exposed to a huge range of styles - pop music and rock and roll obviously, but also folk, celtic, classical, progressive, jazz and swing. I was also lucky because 'my era' contained so many brilliant musicians and performers like The Beatles, Davy Graham, Tom Paxton, Kris Kristofferson, Paul Simon, Elvis Presley, Tom Lehrer, David Bowie, Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits that I was spoiled for choice. Of course, over the years I've found so many other genres and sub-genres that in the end I just stopped counting and began enjoying.

ML HatIn 1978 I began playing in pubs - mostly covers of songs by my favourite performers. Also around this time I started recording my own songs in tiny garage studios, dreaming of the ubiquitous (and unlikely) record contract, as pretty much all of us did.

My early songwriting attempts were so coloured by that vast panoply of influences that I couldn't put my finger on what kind of songs I wanted to write, so I put songwriting to one side for a while and I began composing music for other things - for a play by a local theatre company, for an exhibition of community art and then for a TV programme about my local area. The success I enjoyed with these led me to the idea of composing for dance. I created a three part piece for a performance in the Commonwealth Art Festival in 1986 and another for a show in Glasgow the following year. A year or two after that, realising I had never heard of a dance company run by a musician before, I created one.

Electric Motion Dance Company existed for around three years and performed in venues all over Scotland. The dances were improvised around stories, settings and music I had devised, and featured some of the best dancers in the city at the time.

I returned to playing pub gigs again in the mid-nineties, which surprisingly quickly led to forming a ceilidh band. As you do.

The Wild Geese Ceilidh Band travelled all over Scotland, England and Ireland, and even to India, 'step we gaily'-ing the whole way. We had a lot of fun, played a lot of ceilidhs and a whole lot of pubs, generally just having a great time.

MLFBThroughout all of that, I was also an illustrator and painter, graphic designer, web designer and writer/reviewer for a local newspaper. I kept pretty busy, but something was always missing - them pesky songs.

In 2010, having spent the previous couple of years writing furiously and still not quite knowing what kind of songs I wanted to write, I released Crow, my first album, and played several gigs in support of it. Turns out it didn't matter what kind of songs I wanted to write, because it's all music, innit? Then, as it has a habit of doing, real life got in the way, so it's taken seven years for the follow up to appear, but it's here now.

So, what's next...?