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Released in 2017, and continuing with the 'creature' imagery, Fish is my second album - a collection of songs about life, love, weirdness, death and over-sensitive cats. And fish, of course.

Like the Crow album, there's plenty of metaphor and imagery to be found on songs like Fish and Roll The Bones, while Anyway and King Of The World are a little more straightforward.

This time around fiddler Rachel Walker and upright bassist Dan Abrahams feature heavily, giving the whole album a more old-timey, rootsy feel in places. I knew the minute I saw them perform as part of Dowally that I wanted them to play on the second album - I just hadn't realised how wonderfully they'd help define it.

Both albums also feature my secret weapon: my sister from another Mammy, Sarah Anderson on vocals and, on the Fish CD, she also plays the flute beautifully.