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fRoots Magazine (Print edition)

Mar 2018 Issue

Martin Lennon - Fish 

Martin's latest album delivers a set of honest reflections on life, love and fellow-creatures. Often appealingly skewed and sometimes slightly weird, his songs are couched in refreshingly minimal musical settings involving just fiddle, upright bass, banjo and guitars. Tasty.

RnR Magazine (Print edition)

Jan-Feb 2018 Issue

Martin Lennon - Fish 3 Stars

In 'Dogfishline' [sic], this fifty-seven-year-old from the Scottish Lowlands tells an object of his desire how 'weird' he is. In acknowledgement, there're trace elements of lyrical surrealism elsewhere as he attends principally to the sunshine and showers of emotional involvement, directly personal - centred on him and his woman - and otherwise, as in 'Black Dog Walking' in which he offers comfort to a profoundly depressed friend.

Robin Slick - In Her Own Write

Aug 2010

Martin Lennon - Crow

Sometimes I am lucky enough to stumble on new music which is so unbelievable, I knee before the Gods of the Internet and shout "Thank you!" to my laptop and the heavens.

That's the way I felt about Crow. Quite frankly, if this were twenty years ago and Martin had a traditional record label, he would probably win a Grammy as singer/songwriter of the year. Not that winning a Grammy is an indication of great music - it never was - but I say this for the sole reason that Martin's music is so brilliant that it crosses over into many genres. Fans of everyone from Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits to Bob Dylan to Savoy Brown and ZZ Top to J.J. Cale type country western/blues will find something to love on every track of this recording. There are fourteen songs, and not a bad one in the bunch. Because Martin does not tell you in his blurb, his primary career was as a music critic and I will spill the beans here for you only because as a writer, I was interested in how he would do with lyrics. Well. Try stark, haunting, and perfect for each particular melody. They are Dylanesque, but perhaps even more like Leonard Cohen... or maybe just uniquely Martin. And he was kind enough to include them on his website.