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RnR Magazine (Print edition)

Jan-Feb 2018 Issue

Martin Lennon - Fish 3 Stars

In 'Dogfishline' [sic], this fifty-seven-year-old from the Scottish Lowlands tells an object of his desire how 'weird' he is. In acknowledgement, there're trace elements of lyrical surrealism elsewhere as he attends principally to the sunshine and showers of emotional involvement, directly personal - centred on him and his woman - and otherwise, as in 'Black Dog Walking' in which he offers comfort to a profoundly depressed friend.

 'Clancy's Pride' is about an old fellow and his devoted wife whose small lives are beyond the concerns of a wider universe. In parenthesis, tracks like 'No More Whisky' and 'Sinner' might create an abiding and perhaps erroneous impression that old Martin is a bit of a boozer.

What's certain is his unerring competence on acoustic guitar (orthodox and bottleneck), banjo and percussion when, backed by singing flautist Sarah Anderson and personnel from Dowally on violin and double-bass, he delivers a musically unadventurous but sturdy fourteen-track follow up to 2010's Crow, hinged on a gravelly rant somewhere between Joe Cocker and Frankie Miller, and consolodation rather than development of an artistic design that, on Fish, fuses folk, blues and, to a lesser degree, country, becoming more memorable with successive spins.

Alan Clayson